British Journal of Religious Education

The British Journal of Religious Education is a termly international peer-reviewed journal which has a pedigree stretching back to 1934. It is the leading journal in Britain for the dissemination of international research in religion and education and for the scholarly discussion of issues concerning religion and education internationally. BJRE is edited by Professor Vivienne Baumfield, University of Glasgow. It is published in association with Christian Education.

BJRE aims to promote and report research and scholarship in religious education and related fields such as values education, spiritual education and intercultural education insofar as they relate to the discussion of religion or religious traditions and movements.
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The first issue of Dialogue was published in 1993 to support the teaching of A-level Religious Studies in British schools.  It now reaches most A-level centres in the UK and has a much wider readership which includes college and university departments world-wide.  It aims to publish high quality introductory articles on the Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Biblical Studies by specialists in the various fields. 
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DISKUS is the Journal of the British Association for the Study of Religions (BASR). It is a peer-reviewed journal which welcomes submissions of articles from scholars in the Study of Religions and related disciplines.

DISKUS began life as a pioneering electronic journal available on disk and publishing scholarly articles of a broadly phenomenological character. Principally interested in contemporary religions, it covered a wide range of different religous traditions, in articles written in a lucid and accessible manner so as to be useful to a wide readership of academics, students, teachers and others involved in the academic study of religions. In 1993 it became a web-based journal and part of the Internet Journal of Religion hosted at the University of Marburg. Its aim is to further the discussions that DISKUS was created to enable and enrich. Recent issues have a major focus on teaching and learning.

DISKUS is published annually by the Executive Committee of the BASR.  Free access to current and past issues is available at

International Journal of Children's Spirituality

What do we mean by ’spirituality’ and what relevance does it have to schooling and society? The International Journal of Children’s Spirituality seeks to debate such questions through peer reviewed contributions from those in education concerned with these issues.
The International Journal of Children’s Spirituality provides an international, inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural forum for those involved in research and development of children’s and young people’s spirituality, within which this debate can be addressed and widened.
This includes examining the nature and possible expressions of spirituality, the philosophical and practical foundations for morality, and their relationship in our rapidly changing world. The need for and the nature of spiritual and moral development in schools and society is of great significance, but whose responsibility is this and how can progress be achieved?
Most educational publications attract a readership that is clearly divided into academics and teachers, so that what is read by one group is seldom consulted by the other. It is also true that many teachers do not consider themselves to be researchers. When exploring the issue of children’s spirituality this lack of communication can result in the failure of any initiative. International Journal of Children’s Spirituality encourages debate across these two cultures, as well as across the cultures of childhood and adulthood, nationhood, ethnicity and religious identity.
Articles aim to stimulate further awareness and debate in the field, and to encourage the development of research and the academic study of spirituality in children and young people.
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International Journal of Empirical Theology

(formerly International Journal of Education and Religion)

The Journal of Empirical Theology publishes articles on comparative research in religion on the macro-level of society (especially the function of religion with regard to equality and inequality, social order and cohesion and the process of rationalization), the meso-level of institutions (especially family, public and religiously affiliated schools, health and welfare institutions and religious institutions), and the micro-level of patterns and processes of identity formation and group formation.
The journal offers an international forum for scholars from different religions and contexts. It presents articles on empirical research in theology and religious studies, both qualitative and quantitative. The journal contributes to reflection on empirical research methodology and research methods. Each issue contains articles based on empirical research and/or research methodology, as well as a section of book reviews. Special attention is paid to research on topics relevant to religiously affiliated schools, such as religious and spiritual education, moral education and school leadership.    
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Journal of Beliefs & Values

Journal of Beliefs & Values is the official journal of the Association of University Lecturers in RE (AULRE).
The principal aim of Journal of Beliefs & Values is to focus critical enquiry relevant to four fields of study:

  • theology
  • religious studies
  • religious education
  • values in education

The journal welcomes international, interdisciplinary and ecumenical debate.
The distinctive contributions of the journal include:

  • theological reflections on education
  • education in religion
  • spirituality in education
  • empirical perspectives on religion
  • spiritual life of children and adults

Journal of Beliefs & Values maintains a specific interest in the scriptures of the major world faiths, especially their use in teaching within a multi-cultural context, in school, college and university. Particular emphasis is placed on the interface between the theory and practice of religion and education, including research in formative factors like gender, race and religious pluralism.
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Journal of Contemporary Religion

Journal of Contemporary Religion is an international peer reviewed journal. Its purpose is to both document and evaluate the anthropological, sociological, psychological, and philosophical aspects of emerging manifestations of religiosity in any part of the world—whether within innovative movements or mainstream institutions. The term 'religion' in the title of this journal is understood to include contributions on spirituality. Moreover, as the journal title suggests, the focus is on contemporary issues. Therefore, the editors of Journal of Contemporary Religion welcome submissions which deal with:

  • classical topics in the study of religion, such as secularisation and the vitality of religion or traditional sectarian movements;
  • more recent developments in the study of religion, including religion and social problems, religion and the environment, religion and education, the transmission of religion, the materialisation and visualisation of religion in various forms, new forms of religious pluralism, the rise of new forms of religion and spirituality, religion and the Internet, religion and science, religion and globalisation, religion and the economy, etc.
  • theoretical approaches to the study of religion;
  • discussions of methods in relation to empirical research;
  • qualitative and quantitative research and related issues.
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Journal of Education & Christian Belief

The Journal of Education & Christian Belief is an international, peer-reviewed journal which publishes scholarly papers exploring the interface between Christian faith and education. Its interest is wide-ranging and includes, amongst others, debates about the place of faith schools, the teaching of religion in schools, the relationship between Christian theology and education and empirical research on Christian education. It is read by academics, clergy teachers, students and others who want to explore education from a Christian perspective. 
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Journal of Moral Education

The Journal of Moral Education provides a unique interdisciplinary forum for the discussion and analysis of moral education and development throughout the lifespan. The journal encourages submissions across the human sciences and humanities that use a range of methodological approaches and address aspects of moral reasoning, moral emotions, motivation and moral action in various contexts (e.g., cultural, gender, family, schooling, community, leisure, work) and roles (e.g., parent, teacher, student, civic, professional). The journal encourages proposals for special issues that address a topic relevant to these aims and scope. 
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Religion & Education   

Religion & Education is a journal of analysis and comment with the purpose of advancing public understanding and dialogue on issues at the intersections of religion and education. These issues emerge in various venues; manuscripts are invited from work in any such arena: public or private education at elementary, secondary, or higher education institutions; non-school or community organizations and settings; and formal or informal organizations or groups with religion or spirituality as an integral part of their work. Articles are invited from diverse methodological approaches and theoretical and ideological perspectives. This journal focuses on the beliefs and values arising from all traditions as they come into contact with educational work in the public square. Published in US but international focus.
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RE News / Newyddion AG

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REsource is the professional journal of the National Association of Teachers of RE. It is aimed at the reflective practitioner/teacher of RE and stands midway between its companion publications, the British Journal of Religious Education and RE Today.  It carries articles which offer insights, reflection or comment on any aspect of religious education or the faith communities represented in the UK.
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RE Today

This is a termly printed 64-page full colour magazine offering a lively mixture of practical suggestions for classroom activities, reviews of a wide range of current classroom RE resources and RE news. Subscribers also get free access to additional online teaching materials.
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Reviews in Religion & Theology

Every year, the amount published in the area of theology and religious studies increases and diversifies. RRT aims to offer an accessible, informed and up-to-date guide to contemporary developments and publishing in religion and theology, providing a forum in which the latest publications are evaluated and discussed.

RRT aims to provide clearly written, constructive and prompt reviews of the vast range of publications in theology and religious studies, or that are of relevance to those interested in these fields (for example, in anthropology, cultural studies, history, literature or philosophy).
Each issue draws upon a range of contributors, some regular, some occasional. The bulk of the reviews in each issue are written by a team of 20-25 regular contributors, the vast majority of whom are young scholars and academics. Reviews draw upon the latest research in a wide variety of fields, from biblical studies to the study of the world's religions.
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Teaching Theology & Religion 

US based journal. Good teaching and learning are essential for the vitality and effectiveness of departments and institutions of higher education engaged in the study of religion and theology. Teaching Theology & Religion sustains a new international discourse among faculty members about teaching and learning in the several sub-disciplines in the study of religion. The level of discourse and the quality of the journal are establishing teaching and learning as an equal partner in scholarly publication.
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